Complete Guide to Official Christmas Flower

There are plenty of farm-fresh blooms that you can bring home and spruce up your Christmas celebrations.

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However, there are only some specific Christmas flowers that have become a popular age-old festival tradition over the years. It would be fair to declare them as the ‘Official Christmas Flowers’.

These heavenly blossoms not only look their best for your holiday celebrations but are generally long-lasting choices for the winter season.

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To your service, we have mentioned below a thorough guide to official Christmas Flowers that are highly favored at our Atlanta Florist services.

Official Christmas Flowers and Plants

The Poinsettia

If there's one plant that is a true epitome of the Christmas season, it is certainly the poinsettia! And when you get your hands on their ruby-red and white varieties, your Christmas celebration is going to be as delightful as ever!

While Poinsettias were not originally associated with the Christmas festival, their fresh blooms prospering during the winter have made these farm freshers a winter favorite for almost every house in the country.

Unlike the popular assumption, it is not a very difficult process to take care of the poinsettia flowers. Once the festival season is over, you can either leave your Poinsettia flowers in the compost pit or your recycling bin, keep them as a cut flower/s, or you may also consider getting your flowers to blossom again for the next season.

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The Amaryllis

The Amaryllis is one of the most exquisite picks for Christmas! While you can buy these flowers at any phase of their development, the true fun is raising the plant on your own from an Amaryllis bulb. There is nothing better than seeing these eye-catching flowers at their best on the special occasion of Christmas, knowing that you treated these babies yourself.

These Amaryllis bulbs can often be bought already potted with a thorough instruction guide for growing them. Once the watering process begins, graceful lily-like flowers in pink, red, orange, or white will start appearing within 4-6 weeks.

If you get one of these tiny charms this festive season, make sure that you don't throw away the pot after the flowering process terminates. After flowering ends, you can grow these flowers as a greenery plant till the time you start noticing yellow leaves.

The Christmas Tree

Well, what's a Christmas without the fresh-smelling Christmas Tree? The whole idea of having a graceful tiny or giant tree in your house sounds so surreal itself. And getting one from the best Atlanta Florist like us is like a cherry on top!

Make sure to recycle your Christmas Tree once the holiday season gets over. Some of the important tips to keep in mind while having a Christmas Tree in your house include proper trimming of the trunk as well as ensuring a plentiful amount of water for the first 2-3 days.

While a Christmas Tree may be an age-old tradition by now, the truth is no one can ever get bored of these magnificent beauties!