What flower represents love?

Nothing represents love better than flowers. Be it platonic or romantic, expressing your love with flowers is special. However, there are a few specific flowers that mean love.

  • flower represents love

Here’s a list of these flowers. Check out and pick the ones that you love.


Fragrant tulips are associated with love for a long time. They are a popular choice for celebrations like Friendship Day and Mother’s Day. Tulips are available in different shades – red, pink, yellow, etc. and all of these colors symbolize different loves. For instance, yellow tulips are for friendship, and pink and red are mostly associated with romantic love.


Peonies are flowers of love. They are a crowd favorite for wedding bouquets. These pastel-hued blooms are gorgeous. They are perfect for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, the birthday of your significant other, and so on. All in all, peonies are perfect for expressing love.


Gentle daisies have several symbolisms – from simplicity, innocence, and purity to good fortune, new beginnings, and joy. These pretty little flowers make great gifts for family, friends, and also special ones.


Another flower meaning love is the hydrangea. This delicate bloom represents love and family. These flowers are great to express heartfelt emotions. Hence, they are popular for wedding bouquets and decorations. The flower also represents togetherness and unity which makes it perfect for family celebrations.


Lilacs are innocent and simple flowers. They are available in white and violet. While the white lilacs represent purity the violet ones are associated with spirituality. On the other hand, the pink or mauve lilacs represent romantic love. For young or first love, light purple lilacs are perfect. So, if you are about to express your love to your special one, take a bunch of lilacs from any flower shop in Atlanta like Buckhead Florist Inc. and say what you feel.


Gardenias are associated with sweet love. They represent family and children. They also symbolize hope and trust. These dreamy flowers are often used for bridal bouquets. They look gorgeous, are associated with love, and they spread an intoxicating sweet fragrance everywhere they go.


Want to send flowers to your special one on their birthday? Get lilies and deliver them via Atlanta florist delivery. Pink and white lilies are associated with admiration, love, and innocence while orange lilies represent passion. These elegant flowers are gorgeous and are perfect for your spouse, your family members, friends, and dear ones. Lilies are also a great choice for bridal bouquets.


These pretty and radiant flowers represent friendship, love, and warmth. They are also associated with longevity, loyalty, and adoration. Sunflower bouquets are perfect gifts for friends, family, partners, and your loved ones.


A red rose symbolizes love and passion. They are the most popular blooms associated with romantic love. Pink roses, on the other hand, represent grace, care, and admiration. Roses are one of the most commonly found flowers in Smyrna GA. They are available in different colors. You can pick yellow roses for your friends, and red and pink for your special one.


Red carnations are associated with love and they are a popular choice for wedding anniversary celebrations. Pink carnations are also associated with admiration and care. So, if you admire someone, gift them lighter shades of carnation and for deeper affection choose darker shades.

Whether expressing love to your special one, your friends, or your dearest mom, choose any of the ten florals that we have listed. You can also mix and match different love blooms to create a ‘love-ly’ bouquet.