What is the state flower of Georgia?

Georgia is the country with one of the most diverse cultural and historical backgrounds in the world. The country was inhabited for thousands of years by a number of different ethnic groups that lived in harmony with one another.

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However, it was not until the first century AD when Georgia became a state where all these different people could live together peacefully under one flag as Georgian citizens. At the crossroads of East and West, with a thousand-year tradition of cultural exchange and tolerance, Georgia has for centuries been home to remarkable architecture, distinctive cuisine, and centuries-old wine-making traditions. Georgia is known as the "Garden State," famous for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. From the mountains of North Georgia to the coastal plains of South Georgia. With flowers Smyrna, GA know the official flower.

Georgia State Flower - Cherokee Rose

Georgia has an abundance of natural beauty, and the state flower is no exception!

Georgia's official state flower is the Cherokee Rose. The Cherokee Rose, also known as Rosa laevigata has been officially adopted as the state flower since 1907. It is native to North America and has a very pleasant yet strong fragrance to it. Their colors range from white to shades of pink, but either way, they are pretty flowers that seem to pop up just about anywhere. Get the best flower delivery in Atlanta with Florist Marietta GA.

Cherokee Rose Symbolism

Atlanta Georgia state flower, the Cherokee rose symbolizes love, affection, and even death. The beautiful flowers represent love and are used in many sentimental ways by the Cherokee people to express feelings of affection or sympathy. It has also been used as a symbol for death in several tribes, often placed on graves to symbolize that death can also be beautiful and life-giving, just as the flowers are. The petals represent the four directions, the colors represent all races and white for peace. The Cherokee roses are also a symbol of beauty and renewal. Bring this flower home with florist in Atlanta GA.

Georgia's State Flower Facts

-The Cherokee are a Native American tribe who live in Georgia and Tennessee and they named this flower after their own word for love, "Gali".

-Cherokee Rose belongs to the family of climbers and this high climbing shrub usually grows up to 15 feet but it can grow up to 20 feet tall in certain regions across Georgia.

-This Cherokee Rose has 5 white petals that feel velvet smooth with a bright yellow center.

-Cherokee rose, also known as Rosa laevigata, is a popular southern plant. It is also known by many other names including buckeye rose, pioneer rose, and sandhill rose.

-Cherokee Rose is a beautiful, fragrant variety of rose and one of the most popular English Roses.

-It is a hardy shrub that does not need much care, but it does need plenty of sunlight and water. Cherokee Rose is a beautiful addition to any garden or home.

-It is also one of the most fragrant flowers in all of nature and has been used to make essential oils, perfume and potpourri and also has antibacterial and medicinal properties.