Most Popular Flowers for Summer in Georgia

Along with the summer season not only comes more warmth but also vibrant , beautiful flowers. Flowers that are not just beautiful but aesthetically pleasing to eyes, cheerful and soothing fragrance that will linger all day.

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With the summer rolling in full swing here is the list from Buckhead Florist Inc. for the best summer flowers for Georgia that grow around us and make a lovely addition to fresh cut bouquets.


These flowers are all pretty and cute. They come in colors white and yellow. With tiny petals the flower looks just adorable. Daisies have a huge variety like Aster, florist’s daisies, english daily and more. Daisies hold a deep symbolism, these flowers represent innocence, purity and real love. You can get a daisy bouquet along with roses and some filler leaves.

Cone flower

This is one of the best summer purple flowers with hues of orange that grow around naturally. These flowers would be easily available at any florist in Smyrna GA. Cone flowers have long pointy petals with a cone like yellow center. Coneflowers are a great addition to any wildflower bouquet. Cone flowers symbolize healing and growth.


These are yellow summer flowers with a lovely round top. Dahlias come in various colors and tones, it also has two tones and also black shade. Dahlias grow in the summer and make the summer even vibrant. Dahlias symbolize wealth, elegance, love and togetherness. Dahlias have a unique round shape with tiny petals all around. For Dahlias you can go with a bouquet of Dahlias along with sunflowers.


    These white flowers in summer look just pretty with a unique star shaped center. Daffodils are small when cut for a fresh flower bouquet. You can create a lovely bouquet with this. All you need are a bunch of these yellow beauties and a clear square short vase. You can also add daisies to this for a garden feel. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings as they are the first to grow when spring comes in.


      This is one of the summer perennial flowers that grows annually. Also known as pansy this flower is usually seen in two tones and shades of purple and pink. Violas are again small in size so these work great as filler flowers to fill in the empty spaces after you have arranged your main flower. Pansy symbolizes love.


        This is one of your best red flowers this summer, you must have seen this flower around you growing in gardens and yards. Begonia grows in a tropical climate, and also indoors. Begonia has clusters of blooms all over with a yellow center. Begonias symbolize consideration, alertness and communication. Begonias look great in a tropical bouquet with other tropical flowers like birds of paradise. 


          These flowers are colorful with multiple tones in a single bloom. Petunias are soft with trumpet shaped petals and rubbery texture. This grows densely in South America with more than 20 species. These flowers are great for a hand picked flower bouquet. You can get this from the best florist in Atlanta GA.

          Summer is all about lovely flowers, new beginnings and a fresh start. With these flowers pump up your start this summer. Bring these flowers home with flower delivery.