What do the different colors of flower symbolize?

Flowers are the true messengers of every emotion, and each flower delivers a different message and just like every human has a different story, so does every flower. We have made it common to give flowers on any occasion, from funerals to weddings.

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But the biggest mistake we make is that we just give random flowers without knowing their meaning. You cannot give a random colored flower for a funeral, and certain things need to be kept in mind or through a flower color meaning chart. Our blog will help you to get the perfect guide and symbolism behind every flower color. Choose the best of flowers on selective occasions with our flower delivery Marietta GA.So brace yourself with the different meanings of different shades of flowers list mentioned below:

Orange flowers

Orange is a very bright and jolly color. For this reason, orange flowers are mainly used to cheer someone up. If there has been an accident in a family, and they are grieving about it, you can gift them some beautiful orange blooms to cheer them up. The symbolism of enthusiasm is perfect for lifting up anyone’s mood and even bringing positivity to the environment. Also, orange-colored flowers are easy to get, and you can avail them from any of your local florists. There are many orange-colored flowers you can get, and if you look at the different flower color and their meanings, you will find that daisies are the most sought-after orange flowers. Get it from Buckhead Florist Inc.

Blue flowers

While red is the color that is known to spark passion, blue is known to keep that fire burning. It is a very exotic color and not so readily available also. Blue flowers have a sense of mysticism attached to them. When we speak about different color flower meanings, blue stands for building communication and trust, two factors that make a healthy relationship. Blue is also a very calming color that gives a sense of relief. So, if someone is going through stress in their life, present them with blue-colored bloom through our best flower delivery Atlanta. P.S. The most sought-after blue-shaded flowers are irises and hyacinths.

Purple flowers

Since ancient times purple has been a royal color, and during the rule of certain kings, ordinary people were not even allowed to grow or use purple flowers. The most common and widely used purple flower is the orchid. Orchids have a sense of uniqueness that sets them apart from other flowers. When you look at flower colors and their meanings, you will see that purple flowers generally symbolize pride, wealth, royalty, and success. So, it becomes a perfect gift when someone has achieved something in their life and is celebrating it. For example, if your friend recently got a promotion, gift them a bouquet of purple flowers.

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Pink flowers

Pink is a very soothing color, and so is its meaning. Pink flowers generally stand for peace, grace, and humbleness. Pink can be considered as a supplementary version of red. While red is known for deep love. Pink flowers provide a delicate balance between deep love and friendship. It has also been the color of feminism, and we have seen many feminism protests holding these pink flowers for justice, peace, and love. Our florist has the finest pink bloom collection to surprise your long-distance lover.

Red flowers

Red is the most common color when it comes to flowers. We have all bought a red flower in our life, either for our girlfriend or crush at some point. Red is the color of deep passion and love. Red flowers have been historically known to ignite love and spark a relationship. When we speak about red flowers, a red rose is the first thing that comes to our mind. So, be it Valentine's or your girlfriend’s birthday, red flowers are always a classic option. For more such classic flowers, visit Buckhead Florist Inc. or order online.