What are the best winter flowers that keep blooming in the cold?

The bright and sparkly flowers that bloom in the winter, such as snowdrops, primrose, daffodils, winter jasmine, camellia, etc., become the highlighted part of the yard during frosty days.

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In this article, we have mentioned the names of the winter flowers that would suit your garden in the wintertime. You can plant them in almost any climate. Let's have a look.


Another name for Snowdrop is Galanthus. It blooms in late January but is mostly seen during February or March. Like the name sounds, Snowdrops appear when the snow falls and make the winter more beautiful.


Camellia blooms in early December, also called the Rose of Winter. It is the pride and beauty of winter flowers. These rose-like blossoms come in many dyes like red, pink, white, etc.


The blooming time of the Hellebore flower is in mid to late winter.It is also named as Christmas rose or Lenten rose. Hellebore awaits a warm winter to come to expose its enchanting rose-like blooms. Some buds are bi-colored, and some even have doubled petals.

Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine comes in a bright yellow color. It often blooms in late winter but lasts longer than many winter flowers. The lean, supple branches are also appealing and stay leafy all winter. It is one of the prettiest flowers in the wintertime.

Glory of the Snow

Like the name sounds, Glory of the snow comes in blue. It is a star-shaped colour with a white centre and is a flower that blooms in winter. This flower often appears in February and March. It becomes the shining star of your winter garden after snowdrop.

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Winter Heath

The blooming time of winter heath is early January to March. Winter heath can also grow in snow-covered ground; this is why it is also named as snow heath. This low-growing evergreen bloom comes in shades like purple, white, red, and pink.


Daffodils can be the beauty of your garden during winter. It blooms in early February and is usually the foremost to get cut in the early spring. For a better outcome, plant your bud three weeks before the first snowfall; it will provide the blossoms sufficient time to expand a robust root.


The Leucojum is a bell-shaped flower delicate in nature. It is otherly known as a snowflake, as it appears when there's still snow on the ground. More precisely, Leucojum blooms in late winter or in the early spring.

English Primrose

English Primrose blooms in the late winter, as in March or early spring. These pale-yellow flowers are often used for gifting as houseplants during spring. Most primrose flourishes in partial shade.

Black Tulips

Black tulips are a late winter or early spring blossom. These stunning evergreen hubs are also well-known for growing in milder temperatures. Planting them during the fall gives a better result. These flowers are also known as Queen of the night tulips.

Hardy Cyclamen

Hardy cyclamen, in many places, is known as winter cyclamen or Persian violet. It blooms in the early winter, as in December, and lasts through March. Cyclamen is a houseplant that flourishes outdoors. It mostly comes in two colours, white and pink, and the leaves appear heart-shaped.


Mahonias have long, thin leaf-like leaves. It comes in bright yellow colour and blooms in early winter. Mahonias is a great flower to decorate your yard in the wintertime.


Pansy is an early spring blooming flower. It will give you two seasons of interest and will add great magic-like color to your winter garden. It is better to plant pansy flowers during winter fall. These shrubs have a great quality to survive throughout the winter season and bloom in early spring.

Witch Hazels

Witch hazels bloom during February or March. Although these plants have a wispy appearance, they would glow up your garden. They come in different types and can be used in different winter flower arrangements.

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