Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers and their Meanings

Valentine’s Day celebrations are incomplete without flowers. If you are planning to celebrate this day with your loved ones, then you must plan ahead. In case you are wondering what flowers to gift him/her, here’s a quick list to help you choose.

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When it comes to choosing the types of flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can go with anything that you find suitable. However, below is a list of traditionally popular flowers that have been associated with love, romance, and all other things that we relate with on Valentine’s Day.


Roses are the most popular flowers in the world, and red roses are considered to be the official Valentine’s Day flower by all. Red roses meaning intense love and passion. They also denote long-standing relationships, and strong feelings towards someone. Apart from red roses, pink, white, and yellow roses are also very popular on Valentine’s Day. Pink rose denotes affection, crush on someone, or the beginning of a new relationship. White roses stand for pure love, spirituality, and innocence. Yellow roses indicate friendship, loyalty, hope, and happiness. Overall, Valentine’s Day celebrations are incomplete without roses.


Tulips come a close second in terms of popularity. Tulip flowers are found in numerous colors including red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and white. You can either choose a single tulip color (preferably red or pink) for Valentine’s Day, or go with a multicolor bouquet. Tulips symbolize unconditional, deep love, loyalty, and a fulfilling relationship.


Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world with their baby pink hues and a perfectly round shape with petals like that of a lotus. Peonies are the symbol of femininity, delicateness, affection, and all things sweet. For Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Atlanta, head straight to buckheadflorist.com and select from their awesome range of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements.


Daisies are another extremely popular Valentine’s Day flowers in our country. The large, round flowers with white petals and a bright yellow center instantly add a certain joy and charm into the environment. Daisies are most commonly associated with innocent and pure love, loyalty, and spirituality. Gifting your partner a bunch of daisies as Valentine’s Day flower arrangements says “you are my soulmate”.


Carnations too are very popular for Valentine’s Day, especially because they are available in so many colors, look so amazing on their own, and yet so pocket-friendly. Carnations symbolize pure and unconditional love, new beginnings, and trust between two people. To get awesome flowers delivered to your home, visit buckheadflorist.com today and get ordering. They are one of the best online florist in Atlanta GA.


Finally, our last pick for a floral gift on Valentine’s Day is Lilac. These clustered flowers look amazing as parts of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, and also on their own. The soothing color of lilac flowers brings a vibe of peace, joy, and love to the table. So, if you are bored with traditional choices like rose and carnation, Lilacs will be a welcome change for you.