How to celebrate friendship with your best friend?

Friendship Day calls for a celebration. Buying friendship flowers, going out, sending gifts, and spending quality time with your awesome friends are a few things you can do on Friendship Day. Other than this, we can suggest to you some other ways to celebrate the coming Friendship Day. Here’s what you can do.

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5 Best Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

While a few of our friends may live next door, others may be miles apart. Check out how you can celebrate Friendship Day with every dear friend of yours.

Get flowers

One of the most popular and best ways to celebrate Friendship Day is to get flowers for friends. There are several flowers like roses, daffodils, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, etc. that you can send to your friends. These flowers for love and friendship will symbolize your strong bond with one another. Also, a bouquet of fresh flowers is sure to make anyone’s day special. Don’t forget to write a thoughtful note along with some sweet friendship quotes to send with the bunch of flowers.

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Make DIY floral gifts and cakes

Gather your friends and celebrate Friendship Day with a beautiful cake and DIY gifts. Both cakes and gifts can double the happiness of the day. You can bake or buy different flavored cupcakes or pastries and deck them up with fresh flowers. Use peonies, carnations, daisies, orchids, or any flower of your choice to make the cakes look beautiful. Florists in Atlanta GA like Buckhead Florist Inc. can help you with the choice of flowers. You can also get customized flower arrangements, make flowers and chocolate bouquets, flower wall hangings, and other creative gifts with fresh flowers.

Host high tea or dinner

Sharing food is a highlight of friendships. So, why not arrange a dinner or high tea for your buddies on Friendship Day?! Invite your friends over for a potluck dinner. Let everyone bring a dish, share them, click photos, and have fun. You can decorate and light up the space to ensure capturing beautiful pictures. Hang fairy lights or lamps. Get fresh flowers from florists in Roswell GA, and place them in vases, or as centerpieces to make the space look neat and delightfully decorated.

Make DIY friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a part of celebrating Friendship Day in some parts of South America and a few other countries. While you can always buy friendship bands or bracelets, making them yourself is more thoughtful. Craft a cute friendship bracelet using your friend’s favorite color threads, beads, and crystals. You can also add dried flowers like lavender to make the bracelet look charming.

Plan a picnic

Bring your friends to an Enid Blyton-style picnic in the nearby park to celebrate Friendship Day. They are easy to organize and fun. Get some rugs, chairs, and tasty treats like cookies & jam, melted butter and egg sandwiches, pringles, fruits, pies, etc. Take your frisbee, click pictures, play, and create more friendship memories. You can also exchange small gifts at the picnic like notebooks, pens, stationery, potted plants, succulents, etc.

Meeting your friends on Friendship Day is the best thing you can do. But that may not be possible for everyone. So, for those friends, you can avail of flower delivery in Atlanta to send them flowers. Also, you can host a video call to celebrate the day with them.